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About Ambiguous

Ambiguous, a native of Alberta Canada,did all of his hip-hop training in Nova Scotia Canada but is currently touring in western Canada.

By the age of six, he was already rapping and break dancing, having learned how from watching Turbo and Ozone break dancing videos that his mother would rent for him from the local video store. This is when the hip hop culture became his own.

At that time he had no idea that this particular interest would someday turn into a dream and a reality. However first he had to face poverty, family struggles and difficulties, which is what alot of his debut album is about.

After witnessing much abuse in the home Ambiguous was placed in a foster homes where the abuse escalated. These experiences only hardened his drive to succeed in what he wanted. He lived in numerous locations throughout Nova Scotia for some years. When he finally moved to Kentville N.S, with his mother at the age of 12, he began to express himself more through his music. He met up with his partner to date, Kastic, another N.S rapper who came from a similar sort of world as Ambiguous,they began to write their own music and even record themselves, using only two small ghetto boxes facing each other, one to play music and one to record.





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Through his teenage years, Ambiguous grew up living what some might call the street life. He was arrested numerous times and was failing in school when he decided to drop out at the age of 16 to work and support himself. However, he always stayed involved with his rap music, performing at parties and small venues. Through his teen years he watched his partner go to jail many times and saw his little sister try to kill herself, not to mention his baby brother and sister get taken away from the home due to the life style. It was when Ambiguous saw what the street life was doing to his family and friends and began to understand it that he decided to hit the streets in a different way.

Much of his music is about his life and his opinion on social issues, such as broken families, youth at risk and his opinion on the negitive influences on hip-hop. Through his music he delivers a positive message about making the right choices in regards to these issues. He promotes self-expression through music and dance.

Ambiguous music does target youth, however, his music has been enjoyed by people of all ages.